Wine not?!
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Welcome to your Wine Not Blind Taste Tasting Experience!

In this guide, you will find digital invitations, a shopping list & plenty of tips and tricks so you can feel like the happiest host on the planet!

Leave all of the details to us so you can get back to enjoying the precious little things in life! 

We have broken this guide down into 4 categories:

1. Pre-Party Prep
2. Day of Set Up
3. Activity Directions
4. Party Time! 

1. Pre-Party Prep

Printable/ Downloadable Digital Invitations

Give your guests a sneak peak to the party of the year with these adorable invitations!

Edit them to say what speaks to you! At a loss for words?! Check out the invitation wording samples below to jog your creativity!

Once they're worded to your liking, print them out to be mailed, send electronically, or even simply screenshot and send through text!

Download Instructions

  • To edit your own invites you can simply download the editable invite here to your desktop. 
  • If you are having formatting issues, you can download the free font1 and font2 and install on your computer. Then re-download the PDF invite.
  •  If formatting issues continue, download the free Adobe Reader to your computer. Then, open Adobe Reader, click File>Open and open the editable PDF Document. Voila! 

Check out some fun wording examples below that you can use for any type of occasion! 

Shopping List 

Here is a list of everything you will need from the grocery store to host your wine & cheese night!

Go through the list and check off the things you already have at home to save time & money at the store!

We recommend going to the grocery store anywhere from 2 days to a week out from your event. You'll thank yourself for going early so you have time to set up decor the day of! 

Cheese Board Tips and Tricks

When making a cheese board, there are 3 things to keep in mind:

1. Taste

Salty and Sweet, Tangy and Buttery!

If you have a salty cheese, (manchego, bleu, parmesan), make sure to have something sweet (chocolate, honey, chutney) to balance the flavors. Buttery cheeses, (brie, gouda, havarti)  go nicely with a tart fruit (apple, grape, apricot). 

2. Texture

Balance and variety is key!

Try to pick (1) creamy, (1) soft, (1) crumbly, and (1) hard cheese.
Nuts and crackers help add some crunch to the softness of the cheeses. 

3. Color

Pop of color make you holla!

To really dazzle everyone, make sure to have a variety of color on your board. Try to get cheese of all different colors or cheeses that have rinds in different colors. Also, adding some berries for color can really go a long way!   

Picking out your wine

For a blind wine tasting, it’s good to diversify the selection of wines from crisp, bright options to bold, rich, full-bodied wines.

We recommend getting (3) whites, (1) rosé, (3) reds, and (1) sweet dessert wine to even things out. Start the tasting with the whites and then move to rosé, then to the reds.

2. Day of Set Up 

Garland/Table Runner

2 options: 

Spread the garland balls out on the string and place in center of table in a snakelike fashion. 

Try hanging on a wall or table! The best way to do this is to use command hooks and hang the loops from the string on them. 


Themed Spotify Playlist

  • Download the Spotify app and create a FREE login if you dont have one already
  • Press the search bar 
  • Press the camera icon and scan this code

How we styled our party! 

Using the arrows below, click through for tablescape & food display ideas! 

3. Blind Wine Tasting Activity

Who doesn't love playing tricks on their taste buds & accidentally stumbling onto their new favorite wine?

That's exactly what may happen to you with this activity! 


1. Provide 8 bottles of wine or have each guest bring one bottle of their favorite wine with them. {This is to use all 8 wine bags but you're welcome to use less!}

2. Place bottles of wine in the (8) numbered bags provided in your box. 

3. Hand out the included blind tasting activity sheets to your guests.

4. Starting with the wine bag numbered (1), pour a tasting sized amount (or heavier, no judgement!) into each wine glass. 

5. See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip 

6. Afterward, write down your notes about the wine on your activity sheet. What kind of wine do you think it is? How much do you think it costs? Love it or hate it?! 

7. Repeat this process with the remaining (7) wine bags!

**We highly recommend having a bowl for unwanted wine left in glasses. You'll also want to 'cleanse' each glass with water between wines and especially between reds and whites!**

8. After you finish tasting all remaining wine, it's reveal time! One at a time, remove wine from bags and reveal the mystery wine.  

9. Go around the table and see who guessed the most correctly. You'll be surprised the tricks your taste buds play on you! It's also fun to Google wine bottle prices and see if you loved the most expensive or fooled your taste buds and actually liked the cheapest! 

10. After you compare notes, choose your favorite and finish off the bottle!


4. Party Time! 

This is BY FAR the most important step! More than anything, we want you to enjoy time with your loved ones, stress-free.

Don't forget to take lots of photos as you are creating memories! Be sure to tag us on social media to be featured! 

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