We are Kacie & Jess.

Friends turned Sisters-in-law turned Co-Owners of

Happy Host - Event in a Box Co. 

Happy Host started as a casual conversation in the kitchen about what we wanted to do with our lives.

Kacie, event planner extraordinaire & creative mastermind, wanted to do something that would pair both her artistic side and her event planning experience. Jessica, theme queen & lover of all things festive, wanted to do something that would pair her unique ability to group themed items together and her desire to bring joy to people's lives. 

A month later, we dove in headfirst and haven't looked back {okay, maybe we have a time or two ; ) }

After talking about the vision for our brand, we quickly decided that we wanted to bring joy to people {HAPPY} in the form of convenient, pre-planned event boxes {HOST}. And just like that, she had a name. 

Our hope is to change the way you think about hosting events. With our boxes, we will make sure you feel confident setting up, hitting the grocery store & throwing a carefree, fun event from start to finish. 

We are so thankful you're here and can't wait to make you all very Happy Hosts!

XO, Kacie & Jess