In this guide, you will find themed recipes, digital invitations, a shopping list & plenty of tips and tricks so you can host your Thanksgiving {or Friendsgiving!} gathering like a pro!

Leave all of the details to us so you can get back to enjoying the precious little things in life! 

We have broken this guide down into 4 categories:


Printable/ Downloadable Digital Invitations

Give your guests a sneak peak to the party of the year with these adorable invitations!

Edit them to say what speaks to you! 

Once they're worded to your liking, print them out to be mailed, send electronically, or even simply screenshot and send through text!

Download Instructions

  • To edit your own invites you can simply download the editable invite here to your desktop. 
  • If you are having formatting issues, you can download the free font1 and font2 and install on your computer. Then re-download the PDF invite.
  •  If formatting issues continue, download the free Adobe Reader to your computer. Then, open Adobe Reader, click File>Open and open the editable PDF Document. Voila! 

Shopping List 

Here is a list of everything you will need from the grocery store to make the delicious recipes. Go through the list and check off the things you already have at home to save time & money at the store! 

We recommend going to the grocery store anywhere from 2 days to a week out from your event. You'll thank yourself for going early so you have time to set up decor the day of! 

We also highly recommend making this Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving a potluck style and asking everyone to bring their favorite dish! Saving you time in the kitchen and also allowing you to try some other family favorites! 






Pro tip: Most of these recipes can be made ahead of time so that the day of you can just add the garnishes, heat up, and throw decorative items on!

Saving you time and easing your mind! 


Table Runner

This runner will have your table looking festive in no time! 

Cut the runner to the appropriate length of your table, place in the middle & you're ready to go! 

The leaf and acorn banner {shown below} looks excellent on this runner and your reusable ceramic maple leaf dish would also be a great addition to the middle of the table. Add your food and it's turkey time! 


Leaf & Acorn Banner

This adorable banner can be used on the table {we recommend snaking it around the table runner as pictured} or it can be used as a wall or fireplace banner to add some festivity to your room! 

Maple Leaf Ceramic Dish

This reusable dish will look great on your table and is functional too! 

You can add a cheese ball, cranberry sauce {check out our recipes above!}, rolls, dips, etc to this dish and really wow your guests! 

Table Place Cards

I'm thankful for...YOU! 

Add your guest's names to these place cards to make them feel extra special when they take a seat at your table! 

Themed Spotify Playlist

  • Download the Spotify app and create a FREE login if you dont have one already
  • Press the search bar 
  • Press the camera icon and scan this code


For this activity, you'll be writing down some of your favorite memories from this year and putting them into an ornament that will live on your Christmas tree for years to come! 

- Using the provided strips of paper, write down your favorite memories or accomplishments.
- Wrap the strips of paper around a pen or pencil to curl them.
- Grab your ornament & add the provided berries, pine cones & pine sprigs. 
- Lastly, add your memory papers, close up the ornament and your time capsule ornament is done! 

*This is a fun time to go around the table and talk about your year and some of the special memories that you're adding to your ornament! 


This is BY FAR the most important step! More than anything, we want you to enjoy time with your loved ones, stress-free. And remember...leftovers are for quitters...

Don't forget to take lots of photos as you are creating memories! Be sure to tag us on social media to be featured! 

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